Past Award Winners

Ohioana Book Award Winners

The tables below show Ohioana Book Award winners since 1942 in each of the categories in which Ohioana currently gives awards. You may change the number of rows viewable at one time (by selecting a different number in the box above each table), sort each table (by using the arrows at the top of each column), and search by keyword (including partial author names or titles). Since 2008, Ohioana has also announced the finalists for each book award. To see the list of all finalists by year, please click here.

Other Awards

Between 1942 and 2011 Ohioana presented a number of other awards. To view a list of these award winners, please click here.


Ng, Celeste2023Our Missing HeartsCuyahoga
Doerr, Anthony2022Cloud Cuckoo LandCuyahoga
Sickels, Carter2021The Prettiest StarButler
Scibona, Salvatore2020The VolunteerCuyahoga
Rothman-Zecher, Moriel2019Sadness is a White BirdGreene
Ng, Celeste2018Little Fires EverywhereCuyahoga
Sliver, Marisa2017Little NothingCuyahoga
Russell, Mary Doria2016EpitaphCuyahoga
Doerr, Anthony2015All the Light We Cannot SeeCuyahoga
Hoffman, Beth2014Looking for MeHamilton
Olmstead, Robert2013The Coldest NightDelaware
McLain, Paula2012The Paris WifeCuyahoga
Doerr, Anthony2011Memory WallCuyahoga
Chaon, Dan2010Await Your ReplyCuyahoga
Kluge, P.F.2009Gone TomorrowKnox
Olmstead, Robert2008Coal Black HorseDelaware
Avery, Ellis2007The Teahouse FireFranklin
Cunningham, Michael2006Specimen DaysHamilton
Doerr, Anthony2005About GraceCuyahoga
Morrison, Toni2004LoveLorain
Doerr, Anthony2003The Shell CollectorCuyahoga
Chaon, Dan2002Among the MissingCuyahoga
George, Elizabeth2001In Pursuit of the Proper SinnerTrumbull
Paul, Terri2000Glass HeartsMontgomery
Morrison, Toni1999ParadiseLorain
Pierce, Constance1998Hope MillsButler
McGraw, Erin1997Lies of the SaintsHamilton
Arthur, Elizabeth1996Antarctic NavigationButler
Gilfillan, Merrill, Jr.1995Sworn Before CranesMorrow
Frucht, Abby1994Are You Mine?Lorain
Horowitz, Eve1993Plain JaneCuyahoga
Sloan, Kay1992Worry BeadsHamilton
Zafris, Nancy1991The People I KnowMontgomery
Abbott, Lee K.1990Dreams of Distant LivesFranklin
Boyle, Kay1989Life Being the Best and Other StoriesHamilton
Robertson, Don1988The Ideal, Genuine ManCuyahoga
Dell, George1987The Earth AbidethButler
Nissenson, Hugh1986The Tree of Lifenot an Ohioan
Pelletier, Nancy1986The RearrangementWashington
Skimin, Robert1985Chikara!Medina
Hawley, Richard A.1984The Headmaster's PapersCuyahoga
Santmyer, Helen Hooven1983...And Ladies of the ClubHamilton/Greene
Berger, Thomas1982Reinhart's WomenHamilton
Rosenblum, Helen Faye1981Minerva's TurnWashington
Hill, Ruth Beebe1980Hanta Yo: An American SagaCuyahoga
Wagoner, David1980The Hanging GardenStark
Guild, Nicholas1979The Summer SoldierFranklin
Jakes, John1978The American Bicentennial Series (Vol.I-VIII) [stored in box]Montgomery
Canzoneri, Robert1977A Highly Ramified TreeFranklin
Harvey, Nancy Lenz1976The Rose & the ThornHamilton
Morrison, Toni1975SulaLorain
-1974No award given-
Green, Hannah1973The Dead of the HouseHamilton
Bombeck, Erma1972Just Wait Till You Have Children of Your OwnMontgomery
-1971No award given-
Fish, Robert L.1970The Xavier AffairCuyahoga
McConkey, James1969CrossroadsCuyahoga
Plagemann, Bentz1968The Heart of SilenceClark
Eckert, Allan1968The FrontiersmenHamilton
Harrington, William1967Yoshar the SoldierWashington
Knebel, Fletcher1966The Night of Camp DavidMontgomery
Matthews, Jack1965Bitter KnowledgeAthens
Johnson, Josephine W.1964The Dark TravelerHamilton
Haydn, Hiram1963The Hands of EsauCuyahoga
DeCapite, Raymond1962A Lost KingCuyahoga
Sinclair, Jo1961Anna TellerCuyahoga
Taylor, Peter1960Happy Families Are All AlikeKnox/Franklin
Chamberlain, Anne1959The Darkest BoughWashington
Locke, Charles O.1958The Hell Bent KidSeneca
Gold, Herbert1957The Man Who Was Not With ItCuyahoga
Sinclair, Jo1956The ChangelingsCuyahoga
Young, Agatha1955Clown of the GodsCuyahoga
-1954No award given-
Ellis, William D.1953The Bounty LandsCuyahoga
Fridley, William1952A Time to Go HomeAllen
McConnaughey, Susanne1952Point VenusMontgomery
Kelly, Amy1951Eleanor of Aquitaine & the Four KingsOttawa
Marshall, Robert Kossuth1950Little Squire JimDelaware
Deasy, Mary Margaret1950Cannon Hill (Honorable Mention)Hamilton
Scott, Virgil1949The Hickory StickFranklin/Cuyahoga
Young, Agatha1949Light in the Sky (Honorable Mention)Cuyahoga
Freitag, George1948The Lost LandStark
Hannum, Alberta P.1948Roseanna McCoy (Honorable Mention)Delaware
Diebold, Janet Hart1947Mandrake RootHamilton
Sinclair, Jo1947WastelandCuyahoga
Roberts, Dorothy James1946A Durable FireWashington
Southard, Ruth1946No Sad Songs For Me (Honorable Mention)Lucas
Burnett, W. R.1946Tomorrow is Another Day (Honorable Mention)Clark/Franklin
Buckmaster, Henrietta1945Deep RiverCuyahoga
Carr, Robert Spencer1945Bells of St. Ivan's (2nd)Franklin
DeCapite, Michael1945No Bright Banner (3rd)Cuyahoga
McVicker, Daphne1945The Queen Was In the KitchenFranklin
Steward, Ann1944Take Nothing for Your JourneyHamilton
Freeman, Martin Joseph1943Bitter HoneyHardin
Williams, Ben Ames1943Time of Peace (Honorable Mention)Jackson


Gay, Ross2023Inciting JoyMahoning
Abdurraqib, Hanif2022A Little Devil in America: Notes in Praise of Black PerformanceFranklin
Nezhukumatathil, Aimee2021World of WondersFranklin
Vanasco, Jeannie2020Things We Didn't Talk About When I Was A GirlErie
Giffels, David2019Furnishing EternitySummit
Stillman, Deanne2018Blood BrothersCuyahoga
Brinkley, Douglas2017Rightful Heritage: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Land of AmericaWood
Haygood, Wil2016Showdown: Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court Nomination That Changed AmericaFranklin
Hagedorn, Ann2015The Invisible Soldiers: How America Outsourced Our SecurityMontgomery
Ricca, Brad2014Super Boys: The Amazing Adventures of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster--The Creators of SupermanCuyahoga
Zickefoose, Julie2013The Bluebird Effect: Uncommon Bonds with Common BirdsWashington
Orlean, Susan2012Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the LegendCuyahoga
Gup, Ted2011A Secret Gift: How One Man’'s Kindness – And a Trove of Letters – Revealed the Hidden Story of the Great DepressionStark
Collins, Gail2010When Everything Changes: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the PresentHamilton
Mansoor, Peter2009Baghdad at Sunrise: A Brigade Commander’s WarFranklin
Hagedorn, Ann2008Savage Peace: Hope and Fear in America 1919Montgomery/Brown
Brinkley, Douglas2007The Great Deluge: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf CoastWood
Maley, Saundra Rose2006A Wild Perfection: The Selected Letters of James Wrightnot an Ohioan
Wright, Anne 2006A Wild Perfection: The Selected Letters of James Wrightnot an Ohioan
Salamon, Julie2005Rambam's Ladder: A Meditation on Generosity and Why It Is Necessary to GiveAdams
Zimmer, Paul2005Trains in the DistanceStark
Dirda, Michael2004An Open Book: Coming of Age in the HeartlandLorain
Hagedorn, Ann2004Beyond the River: The Untold Story of the Heroes of the Underground RailroadMontgomery
Salamon, Julie2003Facing the WindAdams
Fisher, Antwone Quentin2002Finding FishCuyahoga
Mathias, Frank F.2001The GI Generation: A MemoirMontgomery
Glenn, John2000John Glenn: A MemoirMuskingum
Coan, Peter Morton1999Ellis Island InterviewsCuyahoga
Haygood, Wil1998The Haygoods of ColumbusFranklin
Quammen, David1997The Song of the DodoHamilton
Powell, Dawn1996The Diaries of Dawn Powell, 1931-1965Morrow
Page, Tim1996The Diaries of Dawn Powell, 1931-1965not an Ohioan
Frazier, Ian1995FamilyCuyahoga
Sanders, Scott Russell1994Staying PutPortage
Marszalek, John1993Sherman: A Soldier's Passion for Ordernot an Ohioan
Greene, Melissa Fay1992Praying for SheetrockMontgomery
Ward, Geoffrey C.1991A First-Class Temperament: The Emergence of Franklin RooseveltLicking
Wallace, David Rains1990Bulow HammockFranklin
Gilfillan, Merrill, Jr.1989Magpie RisingDarke
Giovanni, Nikki1988Sacred Cows...and Other EdiblesHamilton
Cayton, Andrew R. L.1987The Frontier RepublicHamilton/Butler
Hutslar, Donald A.1986The Architecture of MigrationFranklin
Mott, Michael1985The Seven Mountains of Thomas MertonWood
Noble, Allen G.1985Wood, Brick & Stone...Summit
Edmunds, R. David1984The Shawnee Prophetnot an Ohioan
Trautman, Milton B.1983(for his works)Franklin
Friedman, Lawrence1983Gregarious SaintsWood
Marcus, Jacob Rader1982The American Jewish WomanHamilton
Millett, Allan R.1981Semper Fidelis: The History of the United States Marine CorpsFranklin
Fensch, Thomas1980Steinbeck and Covici: The Story of a FriendshipAshland
Unruh, John D., Jr.1979The Plains AcrossAllen
Colinvaux, Paul1978Why Big Fierce Animals Are RareFranklin
Waldo, Terry1977This is RagtimeFranklin
Redinger, Ruby V.1976George Eliot: The Emergent SelfCuyahoga
Mason, Ed1976Signers of the ConstitutionFranklin
Mason, Ed1976Signers of the Declaration of IndependenceFranklin
Ruksenas, Algis1975Day of ShameCuyahoga
Campbell, Michael1975Water Well TechnologyFairfield
Lehr, Jay H.1975Water Well TechnologyFranklin
Smythe, Donald1974Guerrilla Warrior: The Early Life of John J. PershingLorain
Young, Mahonri Sharp1974The EightFranklin
Hynek, J. Allen1973The UFO Experience: A Scientific InquiryFranklin
Cummings, Charles M.1972Yankee Quaker Confederate GeneralFranklin
Owens, Jesse1971BlackthinkCuyahoga
Rousculp, Charles G.1970Chalk Dust on My ShoulderAllen/Franklin
Glueck, Nelson1969The River JordanHamilton
-1968No award given-
Martin, John B.1967Overtaken by EventsButler
Filler, Louis1967The Unknown Edwin MarkhamGreene
Platt, Rutherford1966The Great American ForestFranklin
Lee, Sherman E.1965A History of Far Eastern ArtCuyahoga
Notestein, Lucy L.1964Hill Towns of ItalyWayne
Smart, Charles Allen1964Viva Juarez!Cuyahoga
Kendall, Paul Murray1963The Yorkist AgeAthens
Catton, Bruce1962The Coming FuryCuyahoga
Filler, Louis1961The Crusade Against SlaveryGreene
Jaffa, Harry V.1960Crisis of the House DividedFranklin
Glueck, Nelson1960Rivers in the DesertHamilton
Carrighar, Sally1959Moonlight at MiddayCuyahoga
Schlesinger, Arthur1959Prelude to Independence: Newspaper War on Britain 1764-1776Greene/Franklin
Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr.1958The Crisis of the Old Order, 1919-1933Franklin
Kendall, Paul Murray1958Warwick the KingmakerAthens
Catton, Bruce1957This Hallowed GroundCuyahoga
Cady, John F.1956Roots of French Imperialism in Eastern AsiaAthens
Loesser, Arthur1955Men, Women & PianosCuyahoga
Shinn, Roger L.1954Christianity & the Problem of HistoryMontgomery
Radcliffe, Lynn James1953Making Prayer RealHamilton
Swiggett, Howard1953The Extraordinary Mr. MorrisBrown
Chalmers, Gordon K.1953The Republic & the PersonKnox
Schwiebert, Ernest G.1952Luther & His TimesHenry
Catton, Bruce1952Mr. Lincoln's ArmyCuyahoga
-1951No award given-
Peale, Norman Vincent1950A Guide to Confident LivingGreene
Hanford, James H.1950John Milton, Englishman (Honorable Mention)Greene/Cuyahoga
Rodgers, Andrew Denny, III1950Liberty Hyde BaileyFranklin
Schlesinger, Arthur1950Paths to the Present (Honorable Mention)Greene/Franklin
Kantonen, T. A.1950Resurgence of the Gospel (Honorable Mention)Clark
Nicholas, Edward1950The Hours and the Ages: A Sequence of AmericansFranklin
Arbuthnot, May Hill1949Children and BooksCuyahoga
Luxon, Norval Neil1949Niles' Weekly Register (Honorable Mention)Huron
Joseph, Sr. Miriam1949Shakespeare's Use of the Arts of LanguagePutnam
Robinson, Howard1949The British Post OfficeCuyahoga
Wilson, John H.1949The Court Wits of the Restoration (Honorable Mention)Clark/Franklin
Ostrom, John Ward1949The Letters of Edgar Allan PoeClark
Torrence, F. Ridgely1949The Story of John HopeGreene
Livezey, William E.1948Mahan on Sea Power (Honorable Mention)Belmont
Harrold, Charles F.1947John Henry Newman (Honorable Mention)Belmont
Morgan, Arthur Ernest1947Nowhere Was Somewhere (Honorable Mention)Hamilton
Liebman, Joshua Loth1947Peace of MindHamilton
Hibben, Frank C.1947The Lost Americans (Honorable Mention)Cuyahoga
Wittke, Carl F.1946Against the Current: Life of Karl HeinzenFranklin
Adams, Philip R.1946Auguste Rodin (Honorable Mention)Clark/Hamilton
Schauffler, Robert H.1946Florestan (Honorable Mention)Cuyahoga
Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr.1946The Age of JacksonFranklin
Sockman, Ralph1945Date With DestinyKnox
Dulles, Foster R.1945The Road to Teheran, 1781-1943Franklin
Henderson, Algo D.1945Vitalizing Liberal EducationGreene
Seagrave, Gordon S.1944Burma SurgeonLicking
Mills, Clarence A.1943Climate Makes the ManHamilton
Taylor, Robert Emmett1943No Royal RoadHamilton
Flory, William E. S.1943Prisoners of WarStark
Reston, James B.1942Prelude to VictoryMontgomery
Havighurst, Walter1942The Long Ships PassingButler
Kiplinger, Willard M.1942Washington is Like ThatLogan

Middle Grade & Young Adult Literature

Warga, Jasmine2023A Rover's StoryHamilton
Warga, Jasmine2022The Shape of ThunderHamilton
Woodson, Jacqueline2021Before the Ever AfterFranklin
Warga, Jasmine2020Other Words for HomeHamilton
Klages, Ellen2019Out of Left FieldFranklin
Bundy, Tamara2018Walking with Miss MillieHamilton
Derby, Sally2017Jump Back, PaulMontgomery/Hamilton
Pearsall, Shelley2016The Seventh Most Important ThingCuyahoga
Woodson, Jacqueline2015Brown Girl DreamingFranklin

Juvenile Literature

Campbell, Marcy2023The More You GiveWayne
Wang, Andrea2022WatercressGreene
Umrigar, Thrity2021Sugar in MilkFranklin
Mora, Oge2020SaturdayFranklin
Woodson, Jaqueline2019The Day You BeginFranklin
Derby, Sally2018A New School YearMontgomery/Hamilton
Payne, C. F.2017Miss Mary ReportingWarren
Long, Loren2016Little TreeHamilton
Lewis, J. Patrick2015Harlem HellfightersFranklin
Cheng, Andrea2014Etched in Clay: The Life of Dave, Enslaved Potter and PoetHamilton
Bordon, Louise2013His Name Was Raoul Wallenberg: Courage, Rescue and Mystery During World War II Hamilton
Carson, Rae2012The Girl of Fire and ThornsFranklin
Cheng, Andrea2012Where Do You Stay?Hamilton
Springstubb, Tricia2011What Happened on Fox StreetCuyahoga
Rosen, Michael J. 2010Cuckoo's HaikuFranklin
Qamar, Amjed 2009Beneath My Mother's FeetFranklin
Haddix, Margaret Peterson2008UprisingFayette/Delaware
Cheng, Andrea2007The Lemon SistersHamilton
Draper, Sharon2007Copper SunHamilton
Giblin, James Cross 2006Good Brother, Bad Brother: The Story of Edwin Booth and John Wilkes BoothLake
Borden, Louise2005The Greatest Skating RaceHamilton
Pattou, Edith2004EastFranklin
Pearsall, Shelley2003Trouble Don't LastCuyahoga
Giblin, James Cross2002The Amazing Life of Benjamin FranklinCuyahoga
Durrant, Lynda2001Betsy Zane: The Rose of Fort HenryCuyahoga
Spires, Elizabeth2000The Mouse of AmherstFairfield
Durrant, Lynda1999The Beaded Moccasins: The Story of Mary CampbellCuyahoga
Rosen, Michael J.1998The Heart Is Big EnoughFranklin
Hamilton, Virginia1997Her Stories: African American Folktales, Fairy Tales and True TalesGreene
Alder, Elizabeth1996The King's ShadowCuyahoga/Lake
Hickman, Janet1995JerichoFranklin
Fleming, Denise1994In the Small, Small PondLucas
Buchanan, Dawna Lisa1993The Falcon's WingPike
Rylant, Cynthia1992Appalachia: the Voices of Sleeping BirdsPortage
Springstubb, Tricia1991With a Name Like Lulu, Who Needs More Trouble?Cuyahoga
Rylant, Cynthia1990But I'll Be Back AgainPortage
Lewis, J. Patrick1989The Tsar and the Amazing CowFranklin
Curry, Jane Louise1987The Lotus CupColumbiana
Hamilton, Virginia1984(for her body of work)Greene
Hoover, H. M.1982Another Heaven, Another EarthStark
Tolan, Stephanie S.1981The Liberation of Tansy WarnerHamilton
Norton, Andre1980(for her body of work)Cuyahoga
Curry, Jane Louise1978Poor Tom's GhostColumbiana
Turkle, Brinton1977Island TimeStark
Turkle, Brinton1977Deep in the ForestStark
Stephens, Mary Jo1976Witch of the CumberlandsHamilton
O'Neill, Mary1972WindsCuyahoga
McKay, Robert1971Dave's SongFranklin
Renick, Marion1971OhioClark
Wahl, Jan1970The Norman Rockwell StorybookFranklin/Lucas
Hamilton, Virginia1969The House of Dies DrearGreene
Friermood, Elisabeth H.1968Focus the Bright LandMontgomery
Fife, Dale H.1967Walk a Narrow BridgeLucas
Eager, Edward M.1963Seven-Day MagicLucas
Vance, Marguerite1962(for the body of her work)Cuyahoga
de Borhegyi, Suzanne1962Ships, Shoals & AmphorasFranklin
Schaefer, Jack W.1961Old RamonCuyahoga
Kendall, Carol1960The Gammage CupCrawford
Eaton, Jeanette1959America's Own Mark TwainFranklin
McCloskey, Robert1958Time of WonderButler
Eager, Edward M.1957Knight's CastleLucas
Flora, James1956The Fabulous Firework FamilyLogan
Scheele, William E.1955Prehistoric AnimalsCuyahoga
Anderson, Bertha C.1954Tinker's Tim & the WitchesMiami
Stewart, Anna Bird1952Enter David GarrickHamilton
Altick, Richard D.1951The Scholar AdventurersFranklin
Havighurst, Marion1950Song of the PinesWashington/Butler
Wilson, Hazel1950Island SummerCuyahoga
Norton, Andre1950Sword in SheathCuyahoga
McCloskey, Robert1949Blueberries for SalButler
Lenski, Lois1949Boom Town BoyClark
Carrighar, Sally1949One Day at Teton MarshCuyahoga
Harpster, Hilda1949The Insect WorldLucas
Treffinger, Carolyn1948Li Lun, Lad of CourageMedina
Eaton, Jeanette1948David Livingstone, Foe of DarknessFranklin
Evatt, Harriet1947The Snow Owl's SecretFranklin
Bebenroth, Charlotta1947Meriwether Lewis, Boy ExplorerCuyahoga
Thurber, James1946The White DeerFranklin
Gall, Alice Crew1946SplasherMorgan
Evatt, Harriet1946Mystery of the Creaking WindmillFranklin
Crew, Fleming H.1946SplasherMorgan
Fitch, Florence M.1945One God: The Ways We Worship HimLorain/Hamilton
Thurber, James1945The Great QuillowFranklin
Youmans, Eleanor1945Mount DelightfulLicking
Lenski, Lois1944Bayou SuzetteClark
Stewart, Anna Bird1943Bibi: The Baker's HorseHamilton
Gilchrist, Marie Emilie1943The Story of the Great LakesErie
Thomas, Eleanor1943Mr. Totter and the Five Black CatsFranklin


Jones, Saeed2023Alive At the End of the WorldFranklin
Zamora, Felicia2022I Always Carry My BonesHamilton
Chan, Marianne2021All HeathensHamilton
Abdurraqib, Hanif2020A Fortune for Your DisasterFranklin
Jackson, Marcus2019Pardon My HeartFranklin
Awad, Ruth2018Set to Music a WildfireFranklin
Davis, Teri Ellen Cross2017HaintCuyahoga
Andrews, Nin2016Why God Is a WomanMahoning
Friebert, Stuart2015Floating HeartLorain
Ali, Kazim2014Sky WardLorain
Collins, Martha 2013White PapersLorain
Lucas, Dave2012Weather: PoemsCuyahoga
Young, David2011Field of Light and Shadow: Selected and New PoemsLorain
Dove, Rita2010Sonata Mulattica: PoemsSummit
Greenway, William2009Everywhere at OnceMahoning
Zimmer, Paul2008Crossing into Sunlight Revisted-PoetryStark
Weigl, Bruce2007Declension in the Village of Chung LuongLorain
Collins, Martha 2007Blue FrontLorain
Glaser, Elton2006Here and Hereafter: PoemsSummit
Fisher, Diane Gilliam2005Kettle BottomFranklin
Greenway, William2004Ascending OrderMahoning
Spires, Elizabeth2003Now the Green Blade RisesFairfield
Roscoe, Jerry2002Two Midwest Voices: Mirror LakeFranklin
DeMott, Robert2002Two Midwest Voices: The Weather in AthensAthens
Belieu, Erin2001One Above and One BelowAthens
Dove, Rita2000On the Bus with Rosa Parks: PoemsSummit
Baker, David1999The Truth About Small TownsLicking
Citino, David1998Broken SymmetryFranklin
Wagoner, David1997Walt Whitman BathingStark
Matthias, John1996Swimming at MidnightFranklin
Howard, Richard1995Like Most RevelationsCuyahoga
Dove, Rita1994Selected PoemsSummit
Oliver, Mary1993New and Selected PoemsCuyahoga
Moss, Thylias1992Rainbow Remnants in Rock Bottom Ghetto SkyCuyahoga
Citino, David1991The House of MemoryCuyahoga/Franklin
Dove, Rita1990Grace NotesSummit
Shevin, David1989The Discovery of FireSeneca
Rosen, Michael J.1985A Drink at the MirageFranklin
Koch, Kenneth1974Rose, Where Did You Get That Red?Hamilton
Oliver, Mary1973The River Styx, Ohio and Other PoemsCuyahoga
Summers, Hollis1968The Peddler & Other Domestic MattersGreene
Dell, George1965Written on Quail & Hawthorn PagesButler
Hodgson, Ralph1961The Skylark & Other PoemsCarroll
Wright, James1960Saint JudasBelmont
Mears, Alice Monk1946Brief EnterpriseCuyahoga
Robinson, Ted1946Life, Love & the Weather (Honorable Mention)Cuyahoga
Ransom, John Crowe1946Selected Poems (Honorable Mention)Knox
Patchen, Kenneth1944Cloth of the TempestTrumbull

About Ohio

Ervick, Kelcey2023The Keeper: Soccer, Me, and the Law That Changed Women’s LivesHamilton
Alexander, Brian2022The Hospital: Life, Death, and Dollars in a Small American TownFairfield
Genshaft, Carole M.2021Raggin' OnFranklin
McCullough, David2020The Pioneers-
Haygood, Wil2019TigerlandButler
Alexander, Brian2018Glass HouseFairfield
Vance, J. D.2017Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in CrisisButler
McCullough, David2016The Wright Brothersnot an Ohioan
Diemer, Tom2015James A. Rhodes: Ohio ColossusFranklin
Leonard, Lee2015James A. Rhodes: Ohio ColossusFranklin
Goodwin, Doris Kearns2014The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalismnot an Ohioan
Kiser, Joy2013America's Other AudubonSummit
Millard, Candice2012Destiny of the Republic: A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President Richland
Adoff, Arnold2011Virginia Hamilton: Speeches, Essays, & Conversations Franklin
Cook, Kacy2011Virginia Hamilton: Speeches, Essays, & Conversations Summit
Meszaros, Gary2010Wild Ohio:The Best of Our Natural HeritageFranklin
McCormac, James2010Wild Ohio:The Best of Our Natural HeritageCuyahoga
Giffels, David2009All the Way Home: Building a Family in a Falling-Down HouseSummit
Haverstock, Mary Sayre2008George Bellows: An Artist in ActionLorain
Hassler, David Hassler2007Growing Season: The Life of a Migrant Community (text)Portage
Harwood, Gary2007Growing Season: The Life of a Migrant Community (photographer)Portage
Rehak, Melanie2006Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Hernot an Ohioan
Souder, William2005Under a Wild Sky: John James Audubon and the Making of The Birds of Americanot an Ohioan
Ritz, David2004Faith in Time: The Life of Jimmy ScottCuyahoga
Patton, Paul W. & Dorothy2004Rix Mills Remembered: An Appalachian BoyhoodMuskingum
Adams, Ian2003Ohio: A Bicentennial PortraitCuyahoga
Ostrander, Stephen2003Ohio: A Bicentennial PortraitFranklin
Sallis, James2002Chester Himes: A Lifenot an Ohioan
Sugden, John2001Blue Jacket: Warrior of the ShawneesEngland
Mariani, Paul2000The Broken Tower: The Life of Hart Cranenot an Ohioan
Chernow, Ron1999Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.not an Ohioan
Langsam, Walter E.1998Great Houses of the Queen CityHamilton
Olmstead, Earl P.1998David ZeisbergerTuscarawas
Weston, Alice1998Great Houses of the Queen CityHamilton
Foster, Emily1997Ohio Frontier: An Anthology of Early WritingsFranklin
Hoogenboom, Ari1996Rutherford B. Hayes: Warrior and Presidentnot an Ohioan
Laycock, George1995John A. Ruthven, in the Audubon TraditionHamilton
Sacks, Howard L.1994Way Up North in DixieKnox
Sacks, Judith R.1994Way Up North in DixieKnox
Townsend, J. Benjamin1993Charles Burchfield's Journalsnot an Ohioan
Knepper, George1992Quilts in Community: Ohio's TraditionsSummit
Clark, Ricky1992Quilts in Community: Ohio's TraditionsLorain
Ronsheim, Ellice1992Quilts in Community: Ohio's TraditionsWayne
Polster, Gary E.1991Inside Looking OutCuyahoga
Peterjohn, Bruce1990The Birds of OhioFranklin
Overmyer, Deborah1989Bicentennial Guide to Greater CincinnatiHamilton
Cincinnati Historical Society1989Bicentennial Guide to Greater CincinnatiHamilton
Giglierano, Geoffrey J.1989Bicentennial Guide to Greater CincinnatiHamilton
Blue, Frederick J.1988Salmon P. Chase: A Life in PoliticsMahoning
Tolzmann, Don Heinrich1988The Cincinnati Germans After the Great WarHamilton
Matthews, Jack1987Booking in the HeartlandAthens
Koch, Freda Postle1986Colonel Coggeshall: The Man Who Saved LincolnFranklin
-1985No award given-
Joyce, Rosemary O.1984A Woman's Place: The Life History of a Rural Ohio GrandmotherFranklin
Westwater, James1983OhioFranklin
Rugoff, Milton1982The Beechersnot an Ohioan
Wallace, David Rains1981Idle WeedsFranklin
Ohio Academy of Science1980Ohio's Natural HeritageFranklin
Sanders, D. G.1979The BrasspounderPerry
Peskin, Allan1979GarfieldCuyahoga
Smith, Thomas H.1978The Mapping of OhioAthens
Warren, L. D.1977The World & Warren's CartoonsHamilton
Langsam, Walter C.1977The World & Warren's CartoonsHamilton
Laffoon, Polk, IV1976TornadoHamilton
Condon, George E.1975Stars in the WaterCuyahoga
Anderson, Donald F.1974William Howard Taftnot an Ohioan
Young, Mahonri Sharp1974The Paintings of George BellowsFranklin
Patterson, James T.1973Mr. Republican: A Biography of Robert A. Taftnot an Ohioan
Davison, Kenneth E.1973The Presidency of Rutherford B. HayesCuyahoga
Lynn, Kenneth S.1972William Dean Howells: An American LifeCuyahoga
Taylor, John M.1972Garfield of Ohio: The Available Mannot an Ohioan
Manners, William1971T R & WillMuskingum
Unterecker, John1971Voyager: A Life of Hart Cranenot an Ohioan
Frost, Lawrence A.1970The Thomas A. Edison AlbumLucas
Crunden, Robert M.1970A Hero in Spite of Himself: Brand Whitlocknot an Ohioan
Sawyer, Charles1969Concerns of a Conservative DemocratHamilton
O'Connor, Richard1968Ambrose Bierce: A Biographynot an Ohioan
-1967No award given-
Mason, Alpheus Thomas1966William Howard Taft: Chief Justicenot an Ohioan
Peltier, Leslie C.1966Starlight NightsAllen
-1965No award given-
Morgan, H. Wayne1964William McKinley & His Americanot an Ohioan
Sutton, Walter1963The Western Book TradeFranklin
-1962No award given-
-1961No award given-
Leech, Margaret1960In the Days of McKinleynot an Ohioan
Sears, Alfred B.1959Thomas Worthington: Father of Ohio Statehoodnot an Ohioan
-1958No award given-
Belden, Marva Robins1957So Fell the Angelsnot an Ohioan
Belden, Thomas G.1957So Fell the Angelsnot an Ohioan
-1956No award given-
-1955No award given-
Macartney, Clarence E.1954Grant and His GeneralsLogan
Brown, Rollo W.1954The Hills are StrongPerry
-1953No award given-
Thomas, Norman1952A Socialist's FaithMarion
Akeley, Mary L. Jobe1951Congo EdenHarrison
-1950No award given-
-1949No award given-
Crile, Grace1948George Crile: An AutobiographyCuyahoga
Crile, George Sr.1948George Crile: An AutobiographyCuyahoga
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Walter Rumsey Marvin Grant

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Reader's Choice Award

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Iris, Manuel2022The Parting Present / Lo que se iráHamilton
McDaniel, Tiffany2021BettyPickaway
Kaufman, Kenn2020A Season on the WindOttawa
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