Collection Use Policy

Ohioana’s collection ranges from popular new releases to one-of-a-kind archival items. In order to preserve these materials for current and future visitors, use of collection items is subject to the following:

  • Materials from our collection do not circulate, and our stacks are closed. This means that you will need to know in advance what you would like to use so that our staff can retrieve the materials for you. Most of our collection is cataloged with the State Library of Ohio, with items in our collection having the  designation of “Ohioana” for the location. Items that have not been cataloged can be found by our staff; please ask for specific titles, authors, or subjects  and we will locate them for you.
  • Visitors must sign in to our logbook to use materials, and agree to abide by these policies. They may also be asked to  provide photo ID.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the Reading Room while collection materials are in use.
  • Pencils must be used for all writing done in the Reading Room.
  • No Post-Its or other adhesive-backed materials are permitted to be used on collection materials.
  • Most materials may be photographed for research purposes, but with NO FLASH.

Some items may be photocopied, depending on their quality. Staff will do all copying. Photocopy  pricing is as follows:

Black & White

  • 8.5×11” .10/page
  • Legal, 11×17”, or 12×18” .20/page


  • 8.5×11” .25/page
  • Legal, 11×17”, or 12×18” .50/page

Use of our collection materials indicates your agreement to abide by these rules. Patrons will be held responsible for any damages resulting from negligence or failure to follow the policy outlined above.