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The Ohioana Library is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and promoting the written work of Ohio’s writers, artists, and musicians. To accomplish our mission, we administer three interlocking programs:

Each of these programs depends on the others for its success. Books donated become a part of our permanent collection. Though we are not a circulating library, our materials are available for use in our reading room, and often, people come to our collection for books that can be found in no other library. Every book we receive is annotated in the Ohioana Quarterly, and each year, 250-300 books are selected for review. The quarterly is read by librarians, educators, book store personnel, publishers, authors, book lovers, and others interested in keeping abreast of what Ohio’s authors are producing. Finally, the books we receive become eligible to be nominated for the Ohioana Book Awards. Authors, musicians, and artists represented in our collection also are chosen to receive Ohioana’s other awards.

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