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Since the first Ohioana Book Festival was held with ten authors in 2007, the festival has given readers the opportunity to connect with their favorite Ohio writers. In 2020 we will welcome 140 authors and illustrators to the virtual festival.

Our authors have provided us with ample content to keep you busy during the festival weekend and beyond. Below is a list of readings, story times, book trailers and more. Enjoy!

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Crissie Ann Leonard – Letters to My Father

Anne Marie Lutz – Taylenor

Josef Matulich – Squirrel Apocalypse

Nicholas P. Money – The Selfish Ape

Bayyinah Monk-Nduaka: Egyptian Ta-amiyas (Falafel) Recipe

Download the recipe

David H. Mould – The $2.50 Phone Bill from Postcards from Stanland

David H. Mould – I Don’t Read Lectures from Postcards from Stanland

David H. Mould – On the Osh Bazaar from Postcards from Stanland

Diane Stortz – Encountering God’s Heart

Laura Grace Weldon – Three poems

Jennifer Wortman – This. This. This. Is. Love. Love. Love.

Donna Wyland – Surrender

Story Times and Kids Content

Michael Armstrong – Best Day Ever

Olivia Dybik – Little Tiger Guardian of Peace

Olivia Dybik – Little Tiger Respect

Margaret Peterson Haddix – Chapter 1 of Under Their Skin

Margaret Peterson Haddix – Remarkables

Donna Wyland – If I Could Ask Jesus

Will Hillenbrand

Mighty Reader and the Big Freeze

Columbus Metropolitan Public Library Story Time with Lisa Dickson

Author Videos and Book Trailers

Shawn Boyd – Book trailers for Raksasha and Xiang Shi

Matthew Caracciolo – Book trailer for The Waygook Book

Meet the Author: Mark M. Dean

Meet the Author: Claire Gebben

Sheldon Gleisser – Book trailer forDianasaurus Rex

Sandra Gurvis – Book trailer for 111 Places in Columbus That You Must Not Miss

Meet the Author: Victor Hess

Lisa Krok – Novels in Verse Presentation

Meet the Author: Jess Montgomery

Meet the Author: Celeste Parsons

Meet the Authors: William and Barbara Schloman

Meet the Author: Dr. jw Smith

Meet the Author: Cindy Thomson

John Vanek – Book trailer for the Father Jake Austin Mystery Series

Betty Weibel – Book trailer for Little Victories

TG Wolff – Widow’s Run

Blog Posts and Websites

Donna Gawell

Elizabeth Neal – Special thanks to Elizabeth Neal for advice on accessibility options for Ohioana panels!

Tara Tyler

Guest author on Sherry Ellis’ Blog

Donna Wyland