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Round on the End and High in the Middle
Music by Alfred Bryan and lyrics by Ned Halon

Round on the End and High in the Middle first premiered in 1922 in a broadway show called The Hotel Mouse, The song was composed by Canadian born Alfred Bryan. who also composed Peg o' My Heart and Brown Eyes, among others. The lyrics were written by Ned Halon, a vaudeville artist who also collaborated on M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I. In the 1920s, this song achieved its Ohio connection when it was sung by the Republican Glee Club of Columbus, at the White House. Since that time it is part of both The Ohio State University and the Ohio University marching band repertoire.

Old man Biddle gave me a riddle just the other day,
I guessed it right away, I am glad to say,
The riddle he gave to me, I will give to you---,
And if you think you're smart like me, Let's see what you can do.


(It's) Round on the end and "Hi" in the middle.
Tell me if you know.
Don't you think that's a cute little riddle
Round on the end and "Hi" in the middle
You can find it on the map if you look high and low.
The O's are round, it's high in the middle. O-H-I-O That's the riddle!
Round on the end and "Hi" in the middle.

Pa and mother, my great big brother couldn't guess it right,
Tho' they tried with all their might, Just the other night,
I've got the riddle down by heart, And I ain't no fool,
I'm goin' teach this riddle too, To all the kids at school.

Repeat Chorus


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