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Ohioana Book Awards

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The Ohioana Book Awards began in 1942 to bring state and national attention to Ohio authors and their books. Each year, up to six awards may be given to provide recognition and encouragement to authors for outstanding books in the categories of Fiction, Nonfiction, Juvenile Books, Poetry, and About Ohio or an Ohioan.

DEADLINE. December 31


  • Eligible books in the categories of Fiction, Nonfiction, Juvenile Books, and Poetry MUST be of general interest; have been written, or edited, by native Ohioans or persons who resided in the state for at least five years; and have been published through the traditional editorial review process of a recognized publisher completely unsubsidized by the author.

  • Eligible books in the category of About Ohio or an Ohioan must satisfy the above criteria, with the exception that they may be authored by non-Ohioans.

  • Eligible books must be received by the Ohioana Library during the calendar year prior the year the award is given and bear copyright dates within the last two calendar years. Books are ordinarily considered only once for an award.

  • Books shall be judged on literary merit and the overall importance of the work. Juvenile books will be judged by the same criteria, plus their appeal to the intended audience of children or young adults.


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