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Susanne Jaffe

Photo of Susanne Jaffe

Susanne Jaffe is a former New Yorker who was a long time-editor and executive in publishing. She was the editor-in-chief of Avon Books; senior vice-president of Simon & Schuster; editor-in-chief of a division of Random House. Along the way she edited everything from true crime to historical romance, celebrity fiction, mysteries and thrillers.

In July 2001, Susanne became the executive director and creative director of Thurber House, the nonprofit literary center in Columbus, where she moved to and still lives. She resigned in 2016 to concentrate full-time on her writing.

Susanne had two new novels published in January 2017: La Patrona and Her Mother’s Daughter. Both are available as ebooks, as are four additional novels that were originally traditionally published. For reviews of the two new books, please go to:

In addition to her writing, Susanne teaches creative writing and is a ‘book doctor’ and editor on a freelance basis.

Susanne considers herself above all a storyteller, someone who wants to engage the reader on a journey with characters they can emotionally relate to.

For more information about Susanne and her books, and to follow her blog, go to:

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