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Stepfanie Romine

Photo of Stepfanie Romine

Born and raised in Ohio, Stepfanie Romine is a cookbook author, health coach and yoga teacher who has lived and cooked on three continents. After spending a year teaching English in South Korea and later discovering Ashtanga yoga, she turned her passion for health and wellness into a career. For several years, Stepfanie was the editorial director for the online healthy living community, then she worked as a copywriter and recipe developer for an herbal products manufacturer in western North Carolina. She now writes about natural health and wellness and teaches cooking classes in the Asheville area.

Stepfanie has been a registered yoga teacher since 2009, and she is also a certified health coach through the American Council on Exercise. She has completed courses in herbal supplements, ayurveda and holistic and integrative nutrition.

Cooking helped Stepfanie lose 40 pounds over a decade ago — and she’s kept it off ever since. Today she cooks healthy, seasonal, plant-based meals to fuel her running and her husband’s long-distance road cycling. Stepfanie is the co-author of The No Meat Athlete Cookbook, The SparkPeople Cookbook and The Spark Solution.

Find her at The Flexible Kitchen, or connect with her via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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