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Michaela Schuett

Photo of Michaela Schuett

Most days, Michaela Schuett can be found somewhere in Ohio counting sunny days, giggles and jelly beans — usually with a sketchbook in hand.

Other days, she is in front of her computer designing and drawing amazing things for amazing people.

With a degree in journalism from Iowa State University, Michaela worked for many years as a writer, designer, copy editor, and illustrator for various newspapers and magazines. Most recently, she worked as the interim Art Director for Dispatch Magazines (2013) and was responsible for the monthly design of Columbus Monthly and its various special publications.

After nearly 13 years working full-time (2001-2013), she is now a freelance designer and illustrator.

Whether she’s working in corporate communications, editorial design, picture books, or small business—everything she does comes from the heart—with a passion for making complex information easy to understand.

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