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Kezia Sproat

Photo of Kezia Sproat

Kezia Sproat, a native of Chillicothe, raised her family in Columbus, teaching English and Comparative Literature at Ohio State, where her 1975 dissertation on Shakespeare immediately won a national competition. A member of Women’s Poetry Workshop for 25 years, she co-founded the Community Film Association in 1978, and coordinated a “Festival of Dionysus” poetry competition in City Council Chambers at the 1987 Greater Columbus Arts Festival. Dr. Sproat was editor at OSU Center for Human Resource Research 1978-1985; writer/editor, Creative Services at Abbott Labs 1987-1990; and coordinator, SCOPS South Central Ohio Preservation Society, 1993-2013.

In 1987 Dr. Sproat began a serious study of nonviolence and founded Highbank Farm Peace Education Center in 1994. Her response to 9/11, “A Short Course in Nonviolence,” won recognition from Morehouse College and membership in the Board of Sponsors of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Chapel in Atlanta. A handbook, Beginning Nonviolence, appeared in 2013.

Tuwyn, her first book of poetry, was written during her Columbus years. In 1998 she restored her childhood home, where she lives in Chillicothe. A second poetry collection, Eh Tih Zwell, is set to release December 2019. Also in the pipeline are her collected essays, Sisterhood in Shakespeare.

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