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Josef Matulich

Photo of Josef Matulich

Josef Matulich is an author, special effects artist and costumer. Josef’s latest novel, Squirrel Apocalypse, is a horror comedy of the intersection of the War on Drugs and GMO killer squirrels. His Arcanum Faire trilogy, a horror/comedy of sex, magick, and power tools, was published by Cincinnati’s Post Mortem Press.

His flash fiction has appeared on the Wicked Library podcast and the compilation “44 Lies by 22 Liars” by Post Mortem. He won the Context Flash Fiction competition its last year. Josef’s short plays have been performed around Central Ohio and a horror/comedy screenplay of his is currently in Pre-Production Hell somewhere on the Coast.

When not making up funny/scary stories or manning the Help Desk of a Fortune 100 corporation, he assists his wife Kit in their semi-haunted vintage & costume shop.



Twitter: @JosefMatulich

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