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John A. Vanek

Photo of John A. Vanek

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, John Vanek received his bachelor’s degree from Case Western Reserve University, where his passion for creative writing took root. He received his medical degree from the University of Rochester, did his internship at University Hospitals of Cleveland, and completed his residency at the Cleveland Clinic.

While practicing medicine for a quarter century, his interest in writing never waned. Medicine was his wife, but writing became his mistress and mysteries his drug of choice. He began honing his craft by attending creative writing workshops and college courses. At first pursuing his passion solely for himself and his family, he was surprised and gratified when his work won contests and was published in a variety of literary journals, anthologies, and magazines.

He now lives happily as an ink-stained-wretch and teaches a poetry workshop for seniors. His Father Jake Austin Mystery Series is set in Lorain County, Cleveland, and elsewhere in Ohio. Much of his poetry deals with the courage and struggles of his patients over the years. He enjoys swimming, hiking, sunshine, good friends, and red wine.

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