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Doris Caceres-Schumick

Photo of Doris Caceres-Schumick
Public School Teaching Sucks, Period.: A Memoir of a Special Education/ESL Teacher takes you inside the world of a public-school teacher who sheds light on the problems inside public schools―illegal student-teacher ratio, involuntary teaching-assignment changes, school nurse shortages, lack of hot water in buildings, stairwell and storage room classrooms, and lack of student supervision―to name a few. It’s no wonder teachers are revolting, especially during this COVID-19 Pandemic. And in order to fix K-12 schools it’s important to understand its past.
A native of Puerto Rico, Doris Cáceres-Schumick holds a master’s degree in the field of Special Education, an English as a Second Language Endorsement, and Spanish teaching credentials. She worked for 15 years as a public-school teacher across four Ohio public-school districts as a Special Education teacher, English as a Second Language teacher, and both short and long-term substitute teacher.
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