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D.M. Testa

Photo of D.M. Testa

A deeply held fascination for events from the past along with a childhood spent

sliding across the marble floors of a bank John Dillinger robbed in Bluffton, Ohio

provides much of my inspiration for Defending the Dillinger Gang: Jessie Levy

and Bess Robbins in the Courtroom.


I have a talent for turning up the facts missed by others and am currently using

my investigative skills for the Missing Princes Project sponsored by the Richard

III Society. Over the past years, I’ve provided research for author David C

Greer: God is Merciful-The Colorful Career of John E Egan, Orange Frazer, 2017.

Death Cell Rescue, 2018. Let My People ThriveMemories of Dayton’s Moses,

  1. My research has become the basis for Old Case Files, historical

reenactments of murder trials performed by Dayton History to sell-out audiences in

Dayton, Ohio in 2017, 2018, and 2019 performances.


My other activities include docent work at the Susan B Anthony House & Museum

and presentations to local historical societies. I also teach classes on

researching nonfiction and historical fiction for fledgling authors

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