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Christina Wald

Photo of Christina Wald

Christina Wald has done illustration for over 40 children’s books.

She graduated from the University of Cincinnati DAAP with a degree in Industrial Design and started out illustrating professionally for games including the Star Wars role playing game series, Middle Earth: Wizards, A Lord of the Rings collectible card game, Dragon Magazine, BattleTech, Dune and many others.

Most recently, she finished picture book illustrations about the ecosystem of New Mexico for the National Science Foundation called One Day in the Desert by Anna Keener out in November 2017. Denni-Jo and Pinto by Buck Buchanan and Cai Chong Weighs and Elephant by Songju Ma Daemicke also have come out in 2017.

Released in 2016, Camas and Sage: A Story of Bison Life on the Prairie by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent and funded by the American Prairie Reserve was featured on HuffPost Books and received a Skipping Stones Honor award.

In 2015 she traveled to the San Diego Zoo to take reference for Paws, Hoofs, and Wings Animal Heroes of the San Diego Zoo, the official children’s book to celebrate the zoo’s 2016 centennial. Book research has also led to visiting with bat rescuers in Fort Wayne, IN to obtain reference for the illustrations of Little Red Bat and Yellowstone National Park for The Wild Life of Elk, (A joint venture between the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the National Forest Service) which was a finalist for a 2012 Benjamin Franklin Award.

Other book highlights include: Macarooned on a Dessert Island, Animal Atlas, A Warm Winter Tail (winner of a 2013 Gelett Burgess Award), Annie Jump Cannon, Astronomer, Black Beauty, Henry the Impatient Heron (winner of a 2010 Mom’s Choice Gold Award), and many others. She has also done comics for various anthologies/zines and illustration/toy design for National Geographic, Encyclopedia Britannica, and Discovery Kids.

She lives in Cincinnati, OH with her husband Troy Cooksey and two cats.

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